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Rant time! Feel free to ignore this


For the most part, I like myself. I think I’m a fairly nice person, kinda funny, blah blah blah. But I fucking hate how anti-social I am. I hate that just getting invited somewhere triggers my anxiety. I feel terrible turning down invites because I feel like a bitch never hanging out with anyone,…

I think more people than you know understand this feeling. For the most part I bet people think I am a very outgoing, social person, but its a progression. Its tough in the world of the weekend warriors to ever feel normal turning down an opportunity to be social, but some times its necessary for your own personal well-being. If I am anywhere new, or with new people I feel overwhelmingly shy and monkey brained. Everything turns into a riddle with no right answer. All I can do is accept that I will be one just following everyone else because if I try anything at all, I will over think it and feel super embarrassed about myself for the rest of my night, or existence… Kind of a big sliding scale

Now as long as I keep going back and getting myself comfortable with that certain surrounding, those certain people, eventually I can get myself to a point where I actually am a part of the conversation, and not just catching the gist of it when I can find time between my own personal mind rambles. At this point I am happy, I have found new friends, I have found new places, and I feel comfortable; but its a progression. And as long as I know that I wont be that fly on the wall forever, I can accept it for now.





Man Builds Fairy Tale Home for His Family – For Only £3,000…

Simon Dale is a family man in Wales, the western part of Great Britain. His interest in self-sustainability and an ecological awareness led him to dig out and build his own home—one of the loveliest, warmest, most inviting dwellings you could ever imagine. And it cost him only £3,000, about $4,700 American dollars! 

Simon gives two reasons for building the home. The first elegant one, from his website, is: "It’s fun. Living your own life, in your own way is rewarding. Following our dreams keeps our souls alive." His second reason is a plea for sustainability, in which he states that “our supplies are dwindling and our planet is in ecological catastrophe” -

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Hobbit… Hole. I want to live in a hobbit hole…

Too freakin cool!

glorytogat this. Build us this. We must live here, it’s the only logical choice.
I’ll start yesterday. 8)

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